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  • 表層的な情報ではなく、信憑 性・関連性の高い情報を提供
  • Startups Assessment Report (統一し た独自の手法によるスタートアップ アセッスメント) 。海外に行かなくて も意思決定するための評価やベンチ マークができる
  • AI、インダストリーIOT(工業自動 化)、B2B ソフトウェア、ロボ ティックス及びブロックチェーンに 特化した専門知識により、お勧めの スタートアップをリコメンド
  • 業界知識と長年にわたるDX経験を持つエキスパート集団によるアルゴリズム
  • ビジネス事例とテクノロジーのマッチング
  • シナジー効果の最適化を目指し、協業やフレームワーク構築を通して伴走



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SINEORA has launched its new monthly Online seminar series !

SINEORA has been organizing monthly online seminars in Japanese for companies, institutes, Venture-Capitals and entrepreneurs in Japan.

Since the beginning of May, SINEORA has been organizing monthly online seminars in Japanese for companies, institutes, Venture-Capitals and entrepreneurs in Japan.

This monthly series of webinars aims to deep dive into the French startup eco-system, to feature a selection of innovating deep-tech startups and to promote business opportunities in cross-border collaboration.

You can attend these online seminars via Peatix.com and the essential talks will be available on our YouTube channel. Each webinar is a unique opportunity to sharpen your knowledge on European startup eco-system, Open Innovation, and all relevant movements linked to actualities (post lockdown economy impact, 5G deployment, geopolitics on startup development…). At SINEORA, we believe that by sharing our insights, we can enable cross-border innovation, help global leaders to make relevant strategic decisions, and enable startups to benefit from an international exposure.


Our next webinar will feature selected startups who will explain the impact of Covid-19 on their business operations, as well as the opportunity they see for innovation as a consequence.


If you want to know all the information about our next seminars, please follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. We are going to organize dedicated seminars for European startups very soon!

Are you a European or Asian startups who wants to develop your business in another continent, do you want to know how to test your product market fit before launching your foreign operation, or just questions about international development, please contact us at contact@sineora.com .


Check out our previous webinars:


SINEORA Online Seminar #1: It is time for Innovation!

Ms. Imai, CEO of SINEORA, provides an update on the social and business environment in France, including the actuality related to open innovation in large French corporate.



SINEORA Online Seminar #2: Meet a Venture-Capital from Paris – Hardware Club

This time, we invited Jerry Yang, General Partner of Hardware Club, a Paris-based VC specialized in hardware-related startups, to talk about how the new coronavirus is changing the landscape for startups.

Jerry Yang is a Taiwanese living in Paris, he has lived in Silicon Valley and is an entrepreneur himself. This rich professional background allows him to deliver a highly relevant vision on how the startup ecosystem is evolving.

He talked about his thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on startups and what the future holds for Open Innovation and large corporations.



SINEORA Online Webinar #3: Meet Orange Fab Japan – 5G opportunity in Japan and France.

In this edition, we met Mr. Nishikawa, head of partnerships and Program Manager for Orange Fab Japan. Orange is one of the main French telecommunications company. In 2013, they chose Mr. Nishikawa to lead Orange Fab Japan, a Start-up accelerator based in Tokyo.  Today, Orange Fab Asia is active in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Mr. Nishikawa shared with us his thoughts on 5G and the potential opportunity for open innovation between Japan and France.



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