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Connect Vivatech through SINEORA LIVE from Japan!


VIVA Technology (VIVATECH), the festival of open innovation, is coming back after two years!

For four days, from 16 to 19 June, the real venue will be as usual at Porte de Versailles in Paris. Of course, many of you have to wonder what will be on the real exhibition.

That's why SINEORA, the Ambassador of Vivatech will visit the exhibition and we will report on what's happening in Paris. We will organize it into a series of four webinars for the Japanese audience.  We hope you will join us!

■1■ Official VIVATECH Side Event by SINEORA (Free session)

VIVATECH is back after a two years absence and we're here to tell you about it! What is VIVATECH? We will explain the features and highlights of this unique event.

Date & Time: 2021/6/17(Thu) from 10 AM to 11 AM (JST, 3 AM CET)

Registration URL: https://sineora-vivatechlive.peatix.com/

■2■ VIVATECH2021 Seminars based on 3 themes (Paid session)

This seminar will explore the contents of the VIVATECH2021 exhibition in detail by theme. The seminar will feature original video of the exhibition, and will be reported by SINEORA CEO Kimiko Imai. Our commentators, with their knowledge, will provide in-depth information.

Registration URL: https://sineora-vivatech-webinar.peatix.com/

a) Healthcare

Date & Time: 2021/6/17(Thu) from 3 PM (JST, 8 AM CET), 50 min session

Commentator: Mr. Atsushi Nakanishi (Triple W CEO)

b) Smart city & Smart industry

Date & Time: 2021/6/17 (Thu) from 4 PM (JST, 9 AM CET), 50 min session

Commentator: Mr. Keiichiro Komura (Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. New Business Manager/Head of BASE Q Operations)

c) Zero emission & Sustainability

Date & Time: 2021/6/18 (Fri) from 4 PM (JST, 9 AM CET), 50 min session

Commentator: Mrs. Yumiko Umehara (Value Frontier CEO)

■3■ Looking back at VIVATECH 2021 - a summary of this year and a look ahead to next year (paid session)

We will look back on this year's VIVATECH and discuss what was different compared to previous editions (2019) and why. We will also discuss the future of open innovation, especially post-COVID, and what we should do to prepare for next year's VIVATECH.

*Depending on the situation, the event may be a hybrid format, online and offline.

Date & Time: 2021/6 (date and time to be confirmed)

We will also participate to the following seminar organised by The Nihon Keizai Shimbun. Please come and join us.

■ Nikkei Innovation meetup: Discover open innovation from Paris

VIVATECH, the leading event in France, with the Nikkei Paris Bureau Chief on stage!

Date & Time: 2021/6/18 (Fri) from 7 PM (JST, 12 PM CET) to 8:30 PM (JST, 13:30 CET)

Registration URL: https://eventregist.com/e/nim_viva2021

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