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About Us

Bridging Innovation Across Borders

In today's ever-changing business landscape, Open Innovation has become a necessity. Despite enjoying a well-established reputation and client base, corporates struggle when it comes to keeping up with the speed required to develop or adopt new technologies, and often lack the agility needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving market.

On the flip side, startups and innovative SMBs are filled with ideas, energy, and the flexibility required to address such needs. Yet, they keep facing challenges when it comes to securing financial resources and forging the long-term corporate networks necessary to successfully expand into new geographies and markets.

Drawing upon our extensive sectorial knowledge and experience in cross-border negotiations, SINEORA is renowned as the premier choice for uniting startups, corporates, and investors across the European and Asian continents. We specialize in forging connections that empower innovation and fuel international expansion.


What we believe in

Unlocking Potential

At SINEORA, we firmly believe that true innovation does not have to mean being the next unicorn.

Countless companies, free from perpetual fundraising cycles, own the keys to overcoming the challenges of tomorrow while meeting the industrial needs of today.

With their visionary technology and added value, these pioneers are the hidden potential that we want to put under the spotlight.

Prioritizing Sustainability

Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do at SINEORA.

While achieving rapid valuations can be enticing, we focus on startups that prioritize not only profitability but also long-term viability and solving tangible real-world challenges.

Going the extra mile to foster strategic alliances built to last, we bridge the gap between corporations and startups, making sure your business leverages synergies for sustainable growth.

What Sets Us Apart

Global Presence / Experience : Operating from dual headquarters in Paris and Osaka, SINEORA has cultivated exclusive relationships with stakeholders in both the public and private sectors across Europe and Asia. Our cross-cultural nature guarantees successful expansion into new geographies, as our reach knows no borders.

Knowledge : Drawing upon over two decades of experience in both the industrial sector and digital transformation, we excel in facilitating B2B partnerships. Our extensive sector-specific expertise, spanning from new energies and health tech to established industrial verticals, positions us uniquely. We know how startups can thrive, what corporates need and what investors value.

Team and Advisors


Kimiko CEO

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Didier COO

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Jean-Pierre Architect

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Yasuo Japan Representative

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Christian CTO & CPO

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Mai Senior business analyst

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Osamu Business development Japan

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Nicolas Corporate Development

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Erina CEO assistant

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Kotaro Business analyst

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Philippe Forestier

Philippe Forestier Advisor

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Pierrick Bouffaron

Pierrick Bouffaron Advisor

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Julie Rouzaud

Julie Rouzaud Advisor

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